For the first time in Israel: Organic, fresh chicken

Organi Tari (Organic Fresh) is a farm in Moshav Kfar HaNagid, which breeds organic chicken. It is an organic chicken-farm that’s built and run to comply with the principles of chemical-free land, and under the rigorous supervision of Agrior – an IFOAM accredited organisation.

Our free-range chickens are free to wander the spacious chicken-coop and the shaded yard. Their living-space is 6 chickens per square metre in the chicken-run, and 3 chickens per square metre in the grazing area. In standard chicken-runs, the figure is 16 chickens per square metre.

Fed on a precise mixture of organic feed and fresh, organic locally-grown greens, our chickens are reared without medications like antibiotics, artificial growth accelerators or hormones. They are bred over a longer period than standard battery-chickens. The fact that our chickens are free-range and have special feed and natural living conditions – strongly contributes to the low percentage of fat relative to meat, the outstanding flavour of their meat, and their particularly high nutritional values. The basic perception of an organic chicken-run is simple: the better the living-conditions of the chickens, the tastier and better quality their meat is. Makes sense, doesn’t it?!

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